May 26, 2017 Last Day of School

May 26, 2017

The last day of school!  Today you will have 45 minutes to complete your Flash Animation and Design Folders.  We will start presenting your animations 45 minutes before the end of the period.  Please link your SWF file in your journal so that we can project them for the class.

Have a great Summer!


May 1-May 26, 2017 FL Final Project

May 1, 2017

We have 4 weeks left in the semester. (Seniors you have 3 weeks)

Students learned how to create a story board to design an animation movie.

Click here for information on making a storyboard

Click here for a video on Storyboarding

Assignment:  Complete the Basketball video,  button, and shape tween assignments and show them to Mr. Polete for credit.  Review the Story Board information and begin to create a story board for your 30 second flash movie final project.  Your plan to complete the project is due at the end of the period today.  A copy of your storyboard needs to be turned in by the end of the period on Tuesday May 8.  Start your process journal by describing the work you did on the project today.

Final Project Requirements

Area of Interaction: Human Ingenuity

Using this Guiding Question:  How can I use animation technology to tell a story?

Students worked on their semester final project.  They will design and create an original flash animated movie that runs for at least 30 seconds.  They will present their flash movies on May 26 on the day scheduled for your class’ final.  (Seniors will present on May 22)

Students are to document the design of their project in a design folder that contains the following information.

Investigate – What did you do to investigate and learn how to create a flash animation?  Describe how you have explored and learned to create your project. Due on May 3

Plan – Develop a time line representing May 1 to May 26 (Seniors your project is due on May 22).  Describe what you will do each class period between now and the conclusion of the project to meet the deadline. Due on May 3

Design – Include all of your design notes, scene descriptions, sketches, storyboards and organize them so that they show the progression of your design from beginning to end. Due on May 8.

Create – Using Adobe Flash CS6, create a 30 second flash animation movie based on your plan and design.  Create a process journal that is updated each day you work on the project to document your progress and plan changes

Evaluate – Reflect on the process you used to create your flash animation and describe what worked well and what could have been done differently.   Use your project journal to identify when you changed your plan and why.  Reflect on how you could have better anticipated the necessary changes earlier in the process.  Evaluate your project using this Design Folder Rubric

This assignment is worth 60 points (32 points for the design folder and process journal, 28 points for the flash animation).

The following in-progress items are due on the identified dates:

  • Plan May 3
  • Design including a storyboard May 9
  • Design Folder and Final Video will be presented on the Final Exam day May 27, 2016(Seniors your project is due on May 22 you do not need to turn in a design folder.)

Please complete the Flash Post test by May 22.  This is an open note test for a grade.  It is worth 100 points.  You may take it more than once.


April 28, 2017 FL Button

April 28, 2017

Now its time to learn how to make a button that can be used on a web page as a link or as a control for a flash movie.

Click here to view the instructions on how to create a Flash button

Assignment: Complete the Basketball assignment and complete the Flash button assignment.  Link your button SWF file to your Google Classroom.


April 26 – 28, 2017 FL Shape Tweens

April 26, 2017

Objective: Students learned to use shape tweens by creating the shapes in this instruction Shape Tweens

Assignment: When you have completed the instructions Upload your tweens to Google Classroom.


April 24 – 26, 2017 FL Pre-test Introduction

April 24, 2017

Objective: Students will take a Flash Pre-test to baseline their understanding of Adobe Flash.  This Pre-test is for a participation grade only.

Log on to Quizstar:  Your ID is jfk(student number)  Your password is your eight digit birthday.

At the end of the Flash unit students will have the opportunity to take this test again for a quiz grade to evaluate what they have learned during the unit.

Students will explore Adobe Flash CS6 through the following video tutorial.

These videos are available for students to view more than once if they need to review specific techniques.

How To Animate in Flash CS6 & CC

Basic Flash Animation Tutorial : Sunrise

Flash Animation Car Tutorial

Flash: Bone Tool Tutorial Bone Tool Tutorial

Now it is time to learn about motion tweens and movie clips used to animate objects in Flash.

Students will practice creating a short animation using the instructions found at this link basketball animation.

Assignment:  Complete the Basketball animation by April 26, 2017 and link the SWF file in your Google Classroom.


PhotoShop Post-Test Before April 21, 2017

April 5, 2017

When you have finished your poster and design folder take the Photoshop Post-Test by the end of the period on April 21, 2017.


April 5, 2017 Welcome Back From Spring Break

April 5, 2017

January | 2014 | The Flying Bull Academy | Page 3

The end of the 5th six week grading period is this Friday April 7, 2017.  Any missing assignments must be turned in to your Google Classroom by 3:00pm on Friday.

Photo Shop Final Projects and Post Tests are due on Friday April 21, 2017